2021 Online Courses

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Lemurian Healing Advanced Practitioner Course

Late June 2021 (2-session program)

This new online course is designed for certified Lemurian Healing practitioners who are ready to take their healing work to a higher level.

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Lemurian Healing Certified Distance Healing Practitioner Course

June 2021 (4-session program)

Learn how to heal the Lemurian way while awakening your connection to ancient Lemuria. Whether you're an experienced healer or absolute beginner, this comprehensive online course will forever change the way you approach healing.

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Note: The the first session of the practitioner course is the Introduction to Lemurian Healing™ for Self-Healing Course. To enroll in the Self-Healing course only, click the button above. You'll find a special enrollment option at the bottom of the page.