Learn Lemurian Numerology so you can see your life more clearly, make better plans & decisions, and offer more valuable guidance to others


Long ago in Lemuria, you knew instinctively how to interpret numbers and use them with conscious intent.


What if you could lift the veil and reawaken this ancient knowledge within you?

What if you could suddenly see yourself and the world around you with a new depth of understanding, simply by looking at numbers?

And what if by remembering this ancient know-how, you could actually awaken more Lemurian wisdom within you?

Welcome home to Lemurian Numerology.

Your heart has guided you here. The ancient Lemurian knowledge of numbers, cycles and patterns is waiting within you to be awakened and applied once again.

With a basic knowledge of Lemurian Numerology, you'll immediately be able to...

  • Understand more about yourself and your journey since the day you were born
  • Make better decisions and plans with a higher level of awareness, clarity and intention
  • Better understand the world unfolding around you
  • Gain new insights into people who matter to you the most
  • Guide and support clients in new ways by applying your new level of perception

Simple. Powerful. Practical.

Aloha, I'm David and I’ll be your guide on this journey.

I first discovered Lemurian Numerology more than 20 years ago, and it’s been part of my daily life ever since.

I love it because it's simple, easy to understand and profoundly useful.

Every day, I automatically think about the hidden meanings of numbers as I look at dates on my calendar or the time on a clock or how many people are on Zoom call.

This is powerful stuff. Knowing the vibrational themes behind the numbers helps me better understand whatever I’m experiencing in life... and make more informed choices.

I'm excited to be able to share this ancient, practical wisdom with you.


Here's a little more about me...

I’ve helped thousands of people worldwide reconnect with their Lemurian spiritual heritage and tap into the vast knowledge and wisdom they’ve brought with them into this lifetime.

I’ve also trained hundreds in the art of Lemurian Healing™, an ancient, fifth-dimensional healing modality my wife and I adapted to the challenges of living here in the third.


Awakening to the Wisdom
of Lemurian Numerology


For the first time ever, you can learn Lemurian Numerology in a concise, standalone course.

Here are some of the topics you'll explore in this easy-to-follow, interactive online workshop:

  • Fundamental meanings of the numbers
  • Your personal connection to the numerology
  • Practical, daily applications
  • Consciously using numbers to set intentions
  • How numbers tell a story
  • Numerology of cycles
  • Divine numbers
  • Goddess numbers
  • Recurring number patterns
  • Using numerology to help clients

Some comments from students who've learned numerology through me...

I now have insight into why I pick times and dates for important events in my life and it all makes so much sense, which is very exciting.

I have experienced how this can help clients . . . I feel Lemurian Numerology gives them another way of looking at what they are dealing with as they travel on their life path.

Clare (Australia)

Wow, thank you. I got so much out of this course and it really resonated. You inspired me! 

Martin (Australia)

I have gained another powerful tool to use within my client healing sessions. What I learned gives me a greater understanding of how numerology plays a role in our everyday life.

I enjoyed this course very much. The content was in depth, interesting and easy to follow. I especially enjoyed the section on Divine numbers.

Tannis (Canada)

You won't find in-depth teaching on this subject anywhere else.


Begin your journey of remembering now.

Awakening to the Wisdom of Lemurian Numerology


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  • 7-part video course (1.75 hours)
  • Course Guidebook (PDF)
  • 365 days of unlimited access to the recordings
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The gift of group energy

One of the greatest benefits of participating in a course like this is the supportive environment of the group energy.

First of all, we're all connected to Lemuria, which alone makes this a unique experience.  

But when we gather together online, we'll co-create a safe space of Lemurian love & light that makes it easier to awaken the Lemurian wisdom within us.

Even participants who've only watched recordings of other Lemurian courses say they feel energetically connected to the group!

Don't miss this unique opportunity to learn Lemurian Numerology online.

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