Are you ready to take your Lemurian Healing practice to the next level?


Aloha and welcome back to Lemurian Healing!

As a certified practitioner, you know first-hand how simple and effective this ancient healing modality is.

You’ve felt it. You’ve seen it in the eyes of your clients. You’ve heard it their heart-felt feedback.

Now more than ever before, the world needs experienced healers who understand the bigger picture of what’s happening to humanity and how healing can support the process.


Mother Earth and her inhabitants are undergoing an unprecedented evolutionary shift in consciousness. And it’s no mere coincidence that the wisdom of Lemurian Healing has returned to the Earth plane at this time.

Over the past 25 years, long before the global pandemic, the signs of the Shift have been everywhere—marked increases in crazy weather, violent conflicts, political polarization, humanitarian crises, earthquakes, tsunami, and the detrimental impacts of technology.

However, it's not all negative news. More people are spiritually awakened and self-empowered than ever before. More people are learning to consciously create their own lives than ever before.

And whether they realize it or not, their journey of awakening and manifesting is also a journey of healing.

These souls will be seeking out your support.

A unique opportunity to to expand and amplify your healing work

Introducing the Lemurian Healing™ 
Advanced Practitioner Course


This comprehensive, online program is designed for certified Lemurian Healing practitioners who are ready to take their healing work to a higher level.

The course consists of two, 4-hour online sessions (a total of 8 hours) and includes:

  • Unlimited access to course recordings for 6 months
  • Practice healing sessions
  • Extensive Course Notes (PDF)
  • Sample Script for Healing Sessions (PDF)

Course Highlights


The Energy of Evolution

  • Tapping into a potent new energy source for healing
  • An advanced healing technique designed specifically for this new energy source (a technique that originated in the Elven realms)
  • "The Shift" and how your Lemurian Healing work fits into the larger scheme of human evolution
  • Practice healing sessions


Diving Deeper

  • The "Goddess-style" guided Lemurian Healing technique, which is perfect for remote client sessions via Zoom, Skype or phone
  • The unique Soul Color you brought with you for this particular lifetime
  • Shift symptoms and "splinters" and how to deal with them
  • More practice healing sessions

Some important details about the course.


What if I’m unable to join the live sessions?

No problem! We’ve created a "self-paced" plan for you. Not only will you get access to all the course videos, we’ll match you with a partner for the duration of the course.

Watch the course videos on your own schedule. Then at your convenience, you and your course partner can schedule times to connect online and complete the pair-work exercises as described in each training session.

This arrangement has proven to work well. Since last year, half of all online course participants have earned their Lemurian Healing certification this way!


What are the live session dates & times?

June 25–26, 2021
12:00pm – 4:00pm Hawaii time
(+1 day for Asia and Australia)

Here’s the complete schedule for the upcoming program:

You can find global dates & times for the first session here:

Remember, if you can’t attend the live sessions, we've got you covered. We'll match you with a partner so you can complete the course and earn your advanced certificate on your own schedule.

Connect with your Lemurian sisters and brothers

As I'm sure you recall, one of the biggest benefits of doing a Lemurian Healing course is the gift of group energy.

In this Advanced Course, we'll co-create a sacred space of Lemurian love and light that will uplift us all.

Even if you complete the course at your own pace with video recordings, you'll still feel the love and energy of the group!

Aloha my friend!

I’m excited to be able to share next-level information and new healing techniques with you online... especially since I still can’t travel to see you in person!

I love teaching this Advanced Course material, and I can't wait for you to discover more about yourself, your healing potential, and how your light can benefit others.

If this course opportunity speaks to your heart, I look forward to working with you again soon.

In love and light,

Take your next evolutionary step as a healer

Amplify the love & light of your practice 

Advanced Practitioner Course


  • 8 hours of live Zoom training
  • Healing practice sessions using new techniques
  • Unlimited access to course recordings for 6 months
  • Extensive Course Notes (PDF)
  • Sample Script for Goddess-style Healing Sessions (PDF)
  • Advanced Practitioner Certificate
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See you online soon!